Homework due Friday 2016-12-02

The assignment is on DAPL.
Key questions to discuss include:
  • How would you settle the dispute?
  • Will the outcome be equitable and fair?
  • Whose side are you on?
Extra credit is this John Tierney argument about the ‘real war on science’. It’s a long piece; so it’s fine if you don’t get to it, but if you do, we’ll discuss.
Here is my latest jam.
Here is Elise’s latest jam.
This is her other one. It is from the 80s, when, according to Max, “The Hipsters were born!”.
I’ve got a pilot to pitch.
I’ve got an intriguing question for us to ponder.
My stories (awkward and otherwise) include our latest (3rd) plague, chores I am no longer doing, and further guesses about what ailed Josh on Thanksgiving.
We have a lot of ground to cover. See you Friday!

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