Homework due Friday 2017-02-03

I’m excited about our first Fribrary of 2017.

For the main assignment this session I want to do something a little different. Rather than have a thought-provoking topic in which we potentially disagree, I would like to discuss an issue where there is largely if not completely common ground with the added objective of finding a way to convince the masses to see the light. After all, we are the Infinity Institute. If we can’t fix the world, She broke. Therefore, read this. Watch this. And read this.

Stories, Awkward and Otherwise:

  • Getting a knife pulled on me in the bathroom
  • A new motto
  • The strongest thing in my house
  • My house wants to be a boat and I become Andy Dufresne–one of our plaques has not ended

Plus: Results of Exercise for Drinks & Sweets 2016. Update on 2017’s new challenge.

My latest jam. Here is another. Two things about this one: I wonder what this would sound like in avoirdupois, and the 2:01 mark of the video is some freaky shit.

See you Friday!

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