Fribrary Homework – March 10

This will be a Fribrary for the ages.  An INFINITEBRARY, if you will.  What has no beginning, no ending, and yet still somehow is about to begin?  Find out on March 10.

Your homework:

I, for one, am tired of all those damn robots takin’ our jerbs!

This story

As someone whose job is the automation of other people’s jobs, I’m part of the problem.  Help me fix it before the townsfolk show up with their pitchforks.  That is, if they can afford to buy pitchforks because they were all laid off from, of all places, the pitchfork factory.  And the only thing I seem to care about is the decrease in income taxes.  These people…they can’t afford pitchforks.  Their hay is unbaled, it’s never gonna get to market because, presumably, a pitchfork is required.  There’s no food on their tables, there’s hay everywhere, and all this guy cares about is lost income tax.

A new section I call FAKE NEWS:

This story.

I know for a fact that April is, at a minimum, not a giraffe.  I’ve probably been to the zoo with April, and if I’ve been to the zoo with April I’ve probably seen both April and a giraffe at the same time, therefore she is not a giraffe.

Finally, my jams:

  • I really dig this from The Dead South.
  • Sticking with the theme, here’s Iron Horse’s Rocketman cover.
  • This homework’d dose of progressive metal concept albums, The Stage from Avenged Sevenfold.
  • And, should you have 15 minutes for their interpretation of the Big Bang, the finale Exist from the same album, featuring a cameo from Neil deGrasse Tyson.

2 thoughts on “Fribrary Homework – March 10

  1. Good homework. Looking forward to discussing it.

    My topics will include: Running cars thwart my espionage in Blackwell; The House goes Charles Bronson on me; Sightings of The Chautauqua Creature; and getting comped at Blu.

    I’d also like to explore a few suggestions for new segments:

    Challenge Accepted! (a challenge issued and accepted to be fulfilled in the near future if not by the next Fribrary; terms to be decided by the issuer and acceptor)

    Underrated/Overrated (a list of things we as a group will render final judgment upon as being underrated or overrated)

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