Homework due Friday, April 7, 2017

Here is the main assignment. The question we will definitively answer to the satisfaction of all is: Can a balance be struck whereby Trump supporters can declare victory (be satiated) while most all the objectives especially all of the significant objectives they seek have been completely quashed?

Following up on prior Fribrary topics, I offer Fake News and Robot Taxation.

My latest jam. And the video is fantastic.

Stories, Awkward and Otherwise:

  • Chautauqua Creature sightings – awkward level unknown
  • Confusing Pigou and Pareto – awkward level moderate
  • Is this, “stepping down the hall”, obviously better than this, “going to the restroom”? – awkward level moderate
  • I spotted a slide in the sky – awkward level very low; unless you have a wreck taking a picture of it
  • My date with an student gets thwarted – awkward level extremely high–frozen in time and space just watching it happen to me

Things I would like to cover (come prepared):

  • The most obscure though useful super powers – we will vote to see if each entry qualifies (don’t worry, Kevin, this is not a contest)
  • Underrated/Overrated – I have made a list; you guys will decide (don’t worry, Kevin, this is not a contest)
  • Updates and new offers for “Challenge Accepted” – looking for me to be challenged, want to see if Josh has completed his, hopeful that Kevin has changed his mind (do worry, Kevin, this very much is a contest–with yourself)

We have a lot of ground to cover. See you Friday.

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