A damn-near emergency meeting of the Infinity Institute has been called. More on that later. First, the homework.

Your assignment is The End of Meat Eating? Do you agree with the premise and how strong do you find the argument? What other practices or elements of our culture and behavior fit this model?

Stories, Awkward and Otherwise:
  • A split-second decision in Houston
  • I am attacked by brain gremlins
  • Leveraging your tragedy to get laid… nope, full-fledged affair?
  • Evening-Plans Razor: When you have many options before you, choose the cool nerds.
  • The art of swag acquisition
  • Having $4 trillion walk out during your presentation
  • Going “old Milwaukee” at the conference

I have questions for the group.

I have overrated/underrated.

I want updates on challenges accepted.

My Latest Jam. And another.

Before I forget, the reason for the sudden meeting . . . well, it is top secret. But what I can say is bring your problem solving. We will need financial minds and programming minds. Add those together with a bit of booze to help mix, stir in some salsa, and we got the makings of our first hit product.


See you Friday.

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