Homework Due Wednesday, November 22, 2017

On this special Thanksgiving edition of Fribrary, I’d like to start with a trailer for a classic Turkey Day film:  Thankskilling

To build on that horror, some fear-mongering – the main homework is to read up on EMPs:

The question to go along with this – what is your profession in a post-EMP United States?  Assume the entire electrical grid is gone and would have to be rebuilt from scratch.  All electronics that existed at the time of the EMP are now beyond repair and would have to be rebuilt from scratch, including all the machines that built them, and the machines that built those machines, etc. What is your life like now?

Audio Challenge – how much can you get through?

My jams:

New Segment – Kevin’s Lifetime Christmas

My Story – A Challenge was accepted.



3 thoughts on “Homework Due Wednesday, November 22, 2017

  1. Here are my stories and questions:

    All the safe deposit boxes.

    Avoiding the hard sale… and all of a sudden I’m in the chair and he is applying makeup.

    What is something you will be thankful for next Thanksgivingbrary?


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