Homework – Due Friday, December 15, 2017

The main homework is answering the question “Is the World Over or Underpopulated, and How Would We Know?” — feel free to watch the video in advanced speed to save time, but don’t miss the key points.

Here is something for Kevin to make during his annual sabbatical.

Check out Lights On | Lights Out.

Seems like Josh should be following this Flat Earther. But, is he actually right???

What is your chronotype? I think I’m about 70% wolf and 30% dolphin.

I have many questions and stories (some awkward).

  • What would you eat? Or more specifically, what would you not eat?
  • All the safe deposit boxes.
  • Percents
  • Avoiding the hard sale … and all of a sudden I’m in the chair and he is applying makeup.
  • Which bathroom would you go to in the middle of the night to pee? The close one or the one three times as far away?
  • Bakery or Porn Site – can you identify by the name?
  • What discovery would you prefer to name? Comet, volcano, moon, effect, paradox, quantum particle, other?
  • The office competition – did I win yet?
  • Updated Library history and details by month/week/visit, etc.
  • Client door ding


Great song – the lyrics are “ouch!”

He’s still got it.

See you Friday!

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