Homework – Due Friday, January 19, 2018

Happy New Yearbrary!

The main assignment is on aging, death, and eternalish life. Watch this and this and this, and come prepared to answer these questions:

  1. How long would you like to live?
  2. Should we extend average lifespans significantly and does your answer depend upon how relatively healthy we are in this extended life?
  3. Is this in our future?

For a bonus, where does everyone come down on this topic (take one, take two)–how have we not discussed this yet?

As long as we’re on the topic, reading these views changed my own some: I, II, III, IVa, IVb.

My stories will include:

  • Worst hobby ever.
  • Worst strip tease ever.

My jams:

  1. Vegas, baby!
  2. Children of the Corn
  3. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Let’s start the year off right. See you Friday.

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