Homework – Due Friday, May 25, 2018

I just finished Bryan Caplan’s excellent book The Case Against Education. The main assignment is in two parts:

  1. Listen to this.
  2. Read this.

For a main-assignment bonus, read this.

Now for the extra credit:

  • Watch this from C-SPAN Reason.
  • Choose a theme song for yourself that if you were an MLB player would be played when you were up to bat. Post in the comments if you have a chance. Mine is this classic – I think about this song every time someone counts something.
  • “Mint 2 Bee” (That’s the name, but what is the business?)


  • I spotted these in the wild.
  • Donovan’s networking technique
  • Oh, and I went to Hong Kong . . .
    • City is completely international and truly a 24-hour city.
    • At least the humidity and temperature are equal so it doesn’t matter which one you quote.
    • Lots of grandmas.
    • “Exotic fruit”
    • Free shoe shines and LOTS of toiletries.
    • Swag report: 45 lbs + on the return trip
    • Nobody pours their own drink (coffee, tea, soda, etc.) in HK.
    • No napkins for you!
    • These people can really bus a table. It must be a local sport or something.
    • The taxis drive 30-year-old communist clunkers. The Ubers drive Teslas.
    • Buyers regret (painting); not buyers regret (suit)
    • NYC to HK a lot like Vegas to Macau
    • Macau = New Orleans + Las Vegas
    • I’m going to have a hard time walking around without young Asian women directing me.
    • Having small girls hold doors for me and watching men walk in front of women is awkward.
    • These folks don’t miss a single chance at merchandising.
    • Fucking powerful lasers
  • There will be gifts!


Remember that last Fribrary there was a challenge to me by me that was accepted by me to fill Kevin‘s joy jar by providing “Kevin‘s jams”. How did I do?

P.S., Angie recommended this–“I can’t look away.”

See you Friday!

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