Homework Due Friday, June 15, 2018

It may be summer summer summertime, but you still have homework:

Conspiracy theories.  That particular one pulls in some good ol’ militias.   This one cuts a little close to home with of my favorite movies, Stargate (#KurtRussell4Life). Your challenge is to come up with your own conspiracy theory.  It doesn’t have to involve Kurt Russell, but bonus points if you do.


  • What smell/flavor/sight best summarizes summer to you?
  • For the next 30 minutes you can appear anywhere in the world.  You can’t take anything with you or bring anything back.  Where do you go?
  • Did Trump get us all killed?  The summit with North Korea will have occurred by Fribrary, let’s see if we’re still alive.


  • That’s how I know you’re 40 – EXTREME EDITION

Jams – we’ve got a lot this week.  If at least one of these doesn’t make your day a tiny bit better, you’re dead inside.


  • Master namer
  • Reply if you want to get fired

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