All Jammed Up (Supplement to Freedombrary Homework Due July 3, 2018)

So, Steve challenged me to provide the jams for this week.  As we all know, I am not the biggest music lover.  I’m not a music hater, but music is just not an integral part of my life.  I have no problem with silence and prefer it to many musical selections.  While some music sluts (they know who they are) like anything that will vibrate their eardrums, I am more selective.  Steve stated that I could give as many jams as I wanted.  But I decided to limit myself to 10, because I didn’t want to go through the entire list of all 40-50 good songs that have ever existed.  I also decided to limit myself to not repeating any jams that I have previously provided.  If you wish to check those out (and you probably should), you can find them here and here.  Honestly, the self-imposed limit was the hardest part of this challenge.

Before we get to my list, I’ve also got the epic rap battle that was referenced last week.

Without further ado, my jams are below, in no particular order:

  1. If this song doesn’t get your pulse racing, you’re probably dead.
  2. I found this song from a movie, “give it a name”.
  3. When I want to be sad and introspective, I listen to this.
  4. One of the less radio played songs from a band I enjoy.
  5. Sometimes I’m just looking for something funny.
  6. Gotta have a geography jam.
  7. This one is just really good.
  8. This one is a good example of good music with an equally entertaining video.
  9. This is a staple of my sleepytime tunes mix.
  10. This is one of my favorite groups addressing one of the biggest problems in the world.
  11. Bonus Jam – I don’t count this song among the 10 because that would be like cheating.  Everyone who has ever lived and can hear likes this song.

One thought on “All Jammed Up (Supplement to Freedombrary Homework Due July 3, 2018)

  1. I am ranking these in order of my preference including where that ranking begins and ends within my personal spectrum. I encourage others to do so as well. Kevin loves judgment as well as the sense of competition a ranking debate will bring.

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