Homework – Due Friday, September 7, 2018

The main assignment is to decide if the world is getting better or worse–picking up on a topic we ended FreedomBrary on.

For extra credit, review these 16 popular psychology myths and come prepared to discuss any you have believed or want to believe are true.

How are we not doing this? (Our evolution has finally caught up to squirrels.)

I’ve updated IFF. And our picture page is up.

April asked for the origin of our ongoing “I’m Oates”. I searched in vain trying to find it. Can anyone else succeed? It is from an SNL skit parodying VH1’s Behind the Music. The title I believe was “I’m Oates”. Chris Kattan was the actor playing John Oates.

SlumberBrary, SleepoverBrary, StayTheNightBrary . . . what should we call it, and more importantly, when are we going to do it?

I have four jams for you this week:

I’ve got some pilots in the bank if time permits.

Looking forward to a big night full of returning guest appearances. See you Friday!

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