Annual Message to the Poor Souls Who Have to Work This Month

As I begin my annual, month-long sabbatical from the working world, I think of those of you less fortunate folks who have to work the proverbial salt mines like mixed-metaphorical drones.  This year, however, I likely have more to do on my month off than many of you will accomplish during your month (or perhaps your entire year), as is evidenced by my to-view list above.  Yes, it looks like an impossible task to watch 13 seasons of television in 4 weeks.  But you should know by now that I cut my teeth on the impossible.

Additional content to bring shimmers of light to your dreary lives:

I found a way to boost our podcast ranking.

I made a reference to this character a few Fribraries ago, which fell on ignorant ears.  Educate yourselves, savages.

Finally, it’s starting to get cold out there.  Here’s something to warm your feet…and your hearts.

Looking forward to an excellent 2019.


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