Homework – Due Friday, December 14, 2018

The year is coming to a close but still so much Fribrary to squeeze in!  This week we’ll focus on what we’re made of.

Here’s our main homework – GATTACA draws closer.

Then again, if the story has a headline that starts with Even China Roundly Condemns….


This one is for Kevin – take a Myers-Briggs test and let’s discuss your results and what you think everyone else is.  I can’t find the original link we used, so please feel free to post one in the  comments.

This one is for me – what is your D&D alignment, and, more importantly, what is that of everyone else?  Here are some examples:

Be prepared to discuss your alignments!

One more link – did you survive The Snap?

Finally, time for Jams.

  • First, a well done cover.
  • Second, a song from the Netflix anime Seven Deadly Sins
  • **** NSFW ***Finally, I always like to end the jams on a high note.  But not this time.  You get this jam because I hate myself.  And sometimes that self-loathing hurts the ones I love.  This is one of those times.  This is not safe for work.  This is not safe for anything.  I’m a bad person for asking you to listen. You will be worse off after this. But seriously at 3:14…

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