StayTheNightBrary, December 31st, 2018

New Year’s Eve was certainly rockin’ for the Fribrary crew. We had our first Jam Off during our first StayTheNightBrary.

In addition to a pop-in visit to The Library to see an old friend (the best damn waitress there ever was), we enjoyed an evening of self-served booze, sweet treats, and Marx Brother’s entertainment (“Animal Crackers”). The morning had waffles and coffee along with a hot chocolate making contest (Steve beat Max).

But we made a “Beig Beig Slam!” with the main event, the Jam Off. Each participant submitted two songs. April and Angie shared the win with the most upvotes. Steve was last.

Below is the full playlist. In alphabetical order of song the submissions are from Lucas, Eva, Kevin, Steve, April, Angie, April, Lucas, Max, Josh, Angie, Kevin, Josh, Eva, Steve, Max.


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