My Element

I may have found it.  Last week in Seattle, I had the great pleasure of spending an evening at The Unicorn and Narwhal.  The Unicorn has delightful drinks and amazing carnival-themed food.  Narwhal is downstairs and has the same delightful drinks as well as arcade games, pinball, and ski ball.  Unicorn has a menu from which virtually every single food item sounds wonderful, and the few items I had from it were.  The rainbow fried cheese had the most wonderful corn dog-esque breading, filled with tasty and multicolored cheese.   It was like all the best things about dining at the state fair, but with none of the urine stench.  And these were two of the only alcohol-serving establishments where nearly every cocktail on the menu looked like something I would enjoy drinking.  For those of you who have been hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, and led astray by liars claiming certain alcoholic beverages taste like cereal in the past, it’s time to trust again.  The Cereal Killer 100% tastes like alcoholic Fruit Loops.  I thought the first one was a fluke, so I had two more to confirm.  Each one tasted like Fruit Loops with alcohol in the best possible way.


Unicorn & Narwhal

1118 E. Pike Street, Seattle WA




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