Homework Due Friday, March 22, 2019

Fribrarians, here is your homework:

Tonight, there’s gonna be a jailbreak.  To many, she was Rebecca Donaldson.  To me, she’ll always be Christian.  Either way, checkout this topic:

How do we fix this problem?  Either the ridiculous barriers to getting higher education or, more importantly, how we bust Aunt Becky out of the pokey.


Finland continues to deliver with a band I just found and fell in love with:  Beast in Black

From the Netherlands, an old favorite Delain with a new jam:

I went down some youtube rabbit holes and I came out with this next gem that makes me so happy.  Come for the German death metal/power metal/viking metal, stay for the animation, claymation, and capes.  I’ve said it before but if I made music videos, this would be my goal:

Extra Credit if you liked Beast in Black – one more – Blind and Frozen

See you at Fribrary!

j/k I’M NOT DONE – someone please SEND ME AN ANGEL

2 thoughts on “Homework Due Friday, March 22, 2019

  1. Things I want to cover include:
    * The worst job downtown – lookout
    * Have Kevin tell Eva about Josh’s fryer
    * Adventures we Fribrarians should do together
    * Will Disney dare to remake one of the original Star Wars? Do you want them to do this? Would they do a good job?
    * My QT fan
    * Feedback on Magnitude Matters recent posts

  2. I have stories:
    * Lucy
    * All-inclusive
    * I’ll probably have more to say about Unicorn & Narwhal

    And a pilot idea

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