Homework – Due Saturday, April 13, 2019

The homework assignment is to think creatively and come prepared to share on the following tasks:

  1. Design Fribraryland – what would be the attractions, the amusements, the refreshments, etc.?
  2. Bring ideas for sponsors of the show – extra credit for elaboration including a script for the ad. I already have two in the works.
  3. Have a pilot for us to work on or do some work on this idea of mine – The Unsolved Mysteries of Scooby Doo

I’ve posted some great new links on IFF.

This made me smile.

I know what I’m getting everyone for Festivus.

We should do Cowboy Pinball.

You should have people over for dinner and have this playing on the TV.

This Satbrary will coincide with the OU Spring Game. The game starts at 3pm. Anyone willing and able can start the fun at my house at 2:30. Weather permitting, I’ll be attending the game. After that, what happens happens… perhaps we can get a Cracked room in (or two if the group is big enough by then)… perhaps dinner at Volare… irregardless, we’ll end up at The Library.

My stories will include:

  • A challenge completed
  • What do you do when you hear a late-night knock at the door? “Why [the hell] did you answer?” Why [the hell] didn’t you take them!?!”
  • Almost an emergency business trip to Vegas. Related: others have promised epic Vegas stories from this past week.
  • I triggered one of our mothers… and it wasn’t mine.
  • I’m cheating on you all.

Finally, some jams:

  • In honor of Eva’s first concert – Holocene by Bon Iver (How do you say that, Josh?)
  • In honor of those who will enjoy it – I Guess I Just Feel Like by John Mayer and a Bonus because (pandas and eye patches)
  • In honor of outdoor firepit season – Golden Embers by Mandolin Orange

Big weekend ahead. See you Frrrr . . . Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Homework – Due Saturday, April 13, 2019

  1. My stories:
    Locker room efficiency (3 piece)
    Housekeeping gives zero fucks

  2. My sponsor ideas:
    * FreeMoneyCounting.cash – At free money counting we help get your life back on track by counting your money for you. No strings attached, no fees, no commissions, no hidden charges, no hassles, just free money counting without any middlemen. Counting money is hard. It’s easy to make mistakes – – just ask any three-year-old. So why not let us do it for you? The process is easy. Just box up all of your loose money: quarters, nickels, dimes, heck we even take pennies. If you got any Susan B Anthonys or Sacagaweas sitting around, send those as well. Mail them off to our numeration center. Within 6 to 8 weeks we will send you an email letting you know how much money was in the box, and then a few weeks later be on the lookout for a check in your mailbox for exactly that amount of money. That’s right it’s that easy. We are renowned for accuracy in counting. Why should you do that hard job when we are so darn good at it?
    * P.O. Box Springs – You’ve bought the mattress (Casper, Sleepnumber, Leesa, Purple). Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to go with it—like perhaps a high quality box springs. Wouldn’t it be great to have it as conveniently delivered to your door? That’s where P.O. Box Springs comes in. Just type in the promo code BOING to get 58% off your purchase. You’re just a few clicks away from an elevated sleep.
    * Hearing aids!!! to help you hear our podcast.
    * Been GrubHubbin’? Are you getting Hello Fresh with me? Who wears the Blue Apron in your household? The fact is you have to eat all those meals with something. But what??? Set The Table – plates and flatware delivered straight to your door.
    * Who has time to work out? Answer: nobody. That’s where we come in. You’ve heard of seven minute abs. That was a scam. Who has seven minutes? Answer: nobody. At We Do The Workout, rewarding exercise is just a mouse click away. While you’re enjoying mint juleps and donuts by the Swedish baker dozen, an eager 14-year-old is working hard on your behalf. No more need for making excuses why you can’t make it to the gym. Forget about breaking New Year’s Resolutions. Just relax as We Do The Workout does the workout for you. We’ll send you pictures and videos of your progress starting with a grotesque, obese septuagenarian and within weeks you’ll be down to a slim, sleek late 20 something.

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