Homework due Saturday, May 11, 2019

The end is coming!  This Satbrary homework is about the inevitable – an asteroid on collision course with Earth.  Just last week the NASA Administrator warned that we should be taking this threat more seriously.  It’s worth noting, however, that Administrator Bridenstine is actually less qualified than any Fribrarian to hold that position.  To prove my point, we’re going to come up with some solutions.

NASA is already working on asteroid redirectionBruce Willis already has a plan of action.  No that link is not wrong.  I don’t know how crawling through ventilation is going to help, but I believe in him.  More importantly I believe in Fribrarians.  So:

  1. How would you counter an asteroid threat?  Be creative.  No holds barred.
  2. How do you make a living after the asteroid hits?  Yes, this is similar to my previous questions like what would you do after a massive EMP, but SHUTUP I LIKE THINKING ABOUT THESE THINGS.

Alright let’s get real for a minute.  This next bit is a tale about dreams that come true.  But sometimes when you get what you ask for it’s just fucking awful.  The following is so close to exactly what I would make in terms of both band concept and video and yet so horrifyingly not at all what I envisioned.  It does, at least, answer the question of:  What would I call a McDonald’s themed band that parodies one of the biggest influences in metal?

Mac Sabbath.


One last thing – we need a Fribrary field trip:  Weird Al at the Zoo Amp!

One thought on “Homework due Saturday, May 11, 2019

  1. Great minds think alike… One of my Ideas For Fribrarians links is about big rocks from the sky–been waiting for the right moment to post it. Be sure to check it out and the Battle of Winterfell analysis. https://www.fribrary.com/index.php/ideas-for-fribrarians/

    My stories will include:
    * Eva’s lights out bathroom story
    * I have something for Kevin to try (perhaps a challenge for accepting)
    * We finally got in to Nonesuch
    * I walked among Josh’s people at the Norman Music Festival
    * I’ve long speculated Grimace was a serial killer

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