Homework – Due Friday, September 20, 2019

This one is going to be big. So big it is going to extend into two Fribraries. As a reward for your hard work, I have included lots of extra credit below. You’re welcome!

The main assignment is the “Mad Libs”-style story creation. Each of you must prepare for the September 27th Fribrary a one-page work of prose based on the following guidelines:

  • Use the characters Amy Bender, Jenny Lynch, Matt Jensen, and Dan Robles.
  • The characters must make it through the page to be continued by the next writer.
  • Each page will be joined to form one story.
  • Josh’s page will be the opening. Kevin’s page will be the ending.
  • Do not share any information about your writing or ideas with the others.

We will combine these and read aloud September 27th–chosen to give lots of lead time and since everyone should be present at this Brary. If you cannot make it, YOU STILL MUST COMPLETE AND SUBMIT YOUR PIECE TO ME. In case you need help, I used this site to generate the character names.

For extra credit:

My jams: 

My stories will include:

  • Horchata street fight
  • Interventionbrary – one of us has a big problem
  • Kevin’s suit test
  • Lucas’s Planes, Planes, and more Planes
  • Southie made an appearance in Pasadena
  • Max learned a life lesson in Pasadena (not related to the above)

See you Friday!

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