Heartfelt Sympathy for Those Who Still Have to Work in 2019

As I begin my annual month of holiday rest and recuperation, I think of those of you who work for an entire 12 months with heartfelt sympathy. I imagine you poor souls are each like Bob Cratchit hoping for an additional piece of coal to warm your cold, December office (or factory floor, mineshaft, moldy cubicle, or whatever conditions you people work in this time of year). I hope you are allowed a few hours of relief to partake in some of the merriment this season has to offer.

During this well-earned sabbatical, I also reflect on my accomplishments of 2019. I had goals for the year in the academic, physical, and financial realms, 3 of the key human dimensions, as defined by Plato (with the other two dimensions obviously being spiritual and dessert). All three of my goals were reached this year. In the academic dimension, my triple double was completed (two Associate’s, two Bachelor’s, and two Master’s degrees). In the physical realm, I earned my black belt in Krav Maga. In the financial realm, I paid off my mortgage. In terms of the spiritual dimension, with my academic endeavors behind me, I have begun to volunteer my time to the single women of the greater OKC area by participating in multiple dating applications. This is my effort to improve the lives and hopes of these women one date at a time. For Plato’s dessert dimension, I have discovered Halo Top’s Blueberry Crumble ice cream. Only 360 calories and 20g of protein per pint make this an amazing treat for all seasons.

Don’t allow me to mislead you, though. My weeks and weeks of vacation are not completely devoid of labor. The streaming services and DVR are full of many seasons and movies (Halmark and otherwise) that will not watch themselves. Additionally there are many batches of traditional holiday fudge and salsa that must be made.

With health and hope this holiday season,


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