Homework Due Saturday, February 29, 2019

Long time no homework! For the upcoming Leapbrary, here’s some quick facts about Leap Day.

In World of Warcraft, you can see how much time you have spent logged into your character by typing /played. Angie’s /played as of tonight was right 75 around hours. I have several characters, but my main is at 11 days. What is your main hobby and what would you say your /played is at so far this year?

Homework: Coronavirus – it’s coming for us. What’s your biggest (if any) concern about the wacky new disease that’s trending all over the world?

****late update – we’re all going to get coronavirus


Finally – This has already been pretty video heavy, but indulge me for one more – EVERY LASER CATS EVER

One thought on “Homework Due Saturday, February 29, 2019

  1. My stories will include:

    1. It’s about to go down in the Walmart parking lot, and I’m the only one to stop it.
    2. Finding $900M.
    3. I am the mayor of The Underground.
    4. “Kevin would be great by date 7.”
    5. When is an inappropriate time to take a personal phone call on speaker?
    6. I met a weather girl. Is she on Kevin’s list?

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