Episode 44 – It’s Panic Time, Baby

The titles that could have been:

  • Let me mansplain God to you 
  • I have to kill that pirate, I need its hat 
  • Slice through the anti-vaxxers
  • I’m a good handshaker 
  • High-fives are too much hand-eye coordination 
  • I saw a guy split an armadillo with a sandwich  
  • You wouldn’t traffic this human 
  • He almost had it coming

Referenced homework is here. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Episode 44 – It’s Panic Time, Baby

  1. Hello Fribrary friends,
    It was so great to hear everyone back to talk about this COVID-19. It appears Kevin’s wish of less people in the world came true with this virus. Apparently David was very ignorant in the fact of the effects of this virus will have on people. Also I do have a question is Lucas’ job just to golf because he seems to do that all the time? Can’t wait until those Golf Parks aren’t owned by the city anymore. One last thing I hope everyone stays safe from COVID – 19 even though I agree with Connor’s prediction.

  2. Thanks, Jayne. Hopefully this doesn’t get as out of control as everyone is predicting it will. Hopefully you are staying well. We look forward to you listening to the next episode (despite the fact we are in a holding pattern through this crisis).

    Best Wishes,

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