Episode 46 – Zoombrary 2, Did You Shave Your Head?!?

We’re still at it with another Zoombrary. Be sure to check out the video version on YouTube.

Possible titles included:

  • In my goal to live forever, not dying is kind of important.
  • Are those people worth saving?
  • A big red A for asymptomatic
  • I think I speak for everyone when I say, “That’s all.”
  • Oh my god cats.
  • Cats are spawns of Satan.
  • My grandma made me that monkey.
  • If I have to wait until 2:30, somebody’s getting bit.
  • He’s going to complain about it anyway.
  • Metric driving
  • Opossums killing opossums
  • Guilt sent hand washing back up.
  • Fix that monkey in post.

Referenced homework is here.

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