Episode 48 – Zoombrary 3, This is probably what meth is like.

As we continue to phase in our social behavior, we are back with another Zoombrary. This one is more controversial than ever. We spin a wheel of destiny and discover some hidden charade talents. Check out the video version on YouTube.

Possible titles included:

  • How many marbles do we have in the marble drawer?
  • Your picks (pics?) have been in my head nonstop.
  • I muted you, that’s the power of a real admin.
  • That’s clearly Wimbledon, you can tell by the orange.
  • I kinda miss the bloody toe feeling.
  • Shhhh, Josh take less drinks.
  • You should burn in the lake of oil I have in my backyard.
  • Shut up, turtle slider.
  • There’s so many bodies.
  • No one caters to Kevin’s needs.
  • Conner just fell out of the sky.
  • I’m a cam virgin.
  • I have asthma please stop.
  • I’m not known for my hearing.
  • Ok, VPN, you can sit down.

The associated homework is here. Enjoy!

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