Homework – Due Friday, June 12, 2020

We will be back at The Library this Friday. The main assignment is an Oxfordish-Style Debate whereby the non debaters will be polled before and after but will also be allowed to become debaters during the event if they so choose. No, we will not be anywhere close to strictly following any rules.

Topic: “The Zipper Method of merging should be the norm

For the affirmative: Lucas and Josh

For the negative: Conner and Angie

Tag-team participant (can be called upon to help either side): Kevin

Feel free to prepare a little or a lot. Collaboration beforehand is allowed but by no means required. Liberal interpretation of the topic is encouraged.

The extra credit is to work on the two pilots below. And should we be using HitRecord for our pilot ideas?

  • The Immortals: a couple who is immortal moving forward in time leaping ahead decades and centuries. They don’t have control over the jumps. Their descendants are not immortal. The couple develops techniques to maximize their opportunities. It starts with them somewhere in the middle of their journey. Episodes will reveal their origins including how they came to understand what was happening, what they could do to survive it, and eventually how they could take advantage of it.
  • Air Hockey – The Next Generation: Cappy is training David, Conner, and Eva to become the new elite. Crazy Ivan is training a rival group. David has anger issues and scares Kevin that he will lose another to the dark side just as he lost Cory. 

Odds and Ends:


See you Friday!

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