Episode 50 – Zoombrary 4 – Freedom’s Eve

We wanted to be in person, but quarantine got in the way. Yet that was a happy accident as it allowed us the freedom to have a VERY special guest–the world famous Emily Danger!

As always with Zoombraries, there is a YouTube version.

Possible titles included:

  • Hey, we’re out of coins.
  • It was a contest, so clearly I was going to win.
  • “I’m a working father.”
  • You’re a sloppy swiper.
  • Hang the pictures!
  • At some point it’s not cute anymore, it’s creepy.
  • Woah… Spooky
  • Stop pouring grease down your sink.
  • I’d make a woman get rid of her cats.
  • Being vegetarian is not a profession.
  • When I do it it’s stalking.
  • You “edged her yard.”
  • Maybe the dog needs a computer.
  • Have you seen the west side of the stadium?
  • Coin operated podcast

Referenced homework is here. Enjoy!

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