Episode 51 – Somebody Brought a Slushie to a Gun Fight

I’m happy to report that nobody got cancelled in this episode.

Possible titles included:

  • Permanent knee calluses
  • I’ll kill an old person before I miss a football game.
  • He comes in my cube all the time.
  • I have a knife. Do you need it?
  • No smellzies
  • I think the spoof is on you.
  • Anti Lucas all the way down
  • How many golf balls do you think I have?
  • Honey badger of the air above the sea
  • Cancel the pizzas.
  • Shut up and sell me something.
  • Ban pictures from Facebook.
  • There’s one tree you have not trimmed.
  • If bigfoot and a semi had a baby, this would be the boy that beat up that baby.
  • Sky leech high.
  • I cancelled that spider.
  • What kind of wound do you think that is?
  • That was dumb I should have gone to the distance.
  • Your mom has a burner?
  • How many iTunes gift cards does it take?

Referenced homework is here. Enjoy!

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