Homework – Due Friday, July 31, 2020

The main assignment for this Zoombrary is to consider this hypothetical: If you could go back to college, what era would you choose? Why? What college? What would be the pluses and minuses for different eras? To be clear, you cannot change your current life in this experiment–you aren’t time travelling. This is just a new, parallel timeline or perhaps a dream (honestly, what is the difference?). You can take with you general knowledge and your current demeanor/perspective (i.e., you have your general intelligence and skill sets as well as the ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude that all of us in our extremely late twenties now possess).

For extra credit I challenge you to draw something that doesn’t end up looking evil. Draw a few to share with the group. [I feel compelled to put a limit on this specific to Josh. Josh must stop after he has spent four hours doing this.

Ideas For Fribrarians / Odds and Ends:

  • Check out the latest links on the IFF page.
  • Also, these are truly fascinating. Paris. Tokyo. I can’t look away!
  • Sticking with retro stuff this one starts innocently enough, but the ending is bizarre.

Jams (some relatively less well known from Billy Joel):

See you online Friday!

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  1. Stories:
    1. The Solar Tramp Stamp
    2. Come smell this
    3. Promotionbrary!
    4. Cookietron
    5. Cougar Town

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