Homework – Due Saturday, September 26, 2020

Weather permitting, we will be on the patio again. We might even be at full strength. That is good because we are going to need it.

The main assignment is to absorb this Grumpy, worried post and come prepared to discuss the essence of it. To wit: Are we in for end times? Will we ‘burn it all down’? Or will cooler heads prevail and American exceptionalism guide us through a treacherous forest?

For extra credit look at the links below that are references from the last podcast:

There are also additions to IFF for when you have time (probably not by Friday–challenge accepted?).

I have one Story: A first ever (I think) happened for me at The Library.

Jams (3 for Kevin and 2 for Elise; which is your favorite?):

Saturday will be football time in Oklahoma! and Fribrary time on the patio.

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