The Braries – 2020

Our annually to be annual awards show was epic. See below for the list of awards. Our apologies for not thinking to get pictures of all the trophies. Visit The Library to see those awarded to our hosts and fabulous waitstaff.

This FribrarianAwards to This FribrarianBest _____ in the category _______
SteveAngieBest awkward avoider in the category of awkward situations
KevinEvaBest Achievement in the category of Bible-Sounding Boyfriend Name Having
JoshSteveBest 2 Mile Run Time in the category of Rainforest Escapes
AngieConnerBest Congratulatory Takesiez Backsiez in the High-Five category
AprilKevinKevin gets two: In the category of Education, Degrees, and Job/Life Preparedness Kevin wins Best Pupil / in the category of Telling Stories about Frosties Kevin gets Best Raconteur
LucasDavidBest Traveler in the category of Sports Spectating
ConnerLucasBest Argument in Favor of in the category of My Glass is Half Empty
EvaJoshBest Performance in the category of Fake Injuries / and runner up in the categories of marble races, heated jackets, swords, and cats
DavidAprilBest Quadragenarian in the category of Surprise Beer Accountants

Alternative titles included:

  • Wishes and hopes and unicorn dust
  • A hint of Christmas magic
  • That song puts a hat on a hat
  • I hat giddy school girl Kevin
  • I like spies that weren’t caught
  • There’s a gaping hole of knowledge in my heart
  • Apology considered
  • Stanley cup that thing

The referenced homework is here. Enjoy!

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