Homework – Due Friday, April 30, 2021

The second half of the first half of the year has begun. As such, I think it is time for us to check in on New Year’s Resolutions. Specifically, the main assignment is to update us on the status of New Year’s Resolutions we did not make but that we choose to hold other Fribrarians responsible for. Pick something for at least one Fribrarian and grade their progress. Extra credit for planning out what the rest of the year should look like for this person(s) and their resolution(s).

The additional extra credit is to come up with entries for the Fribrary Urban Dictionary. These can be related to Fribrary or simply something you would like to see added to the Urban Dictionary canon.

Check out the latest additions to the IFF page.


  • “Safe House BnB” – A Bed and Breakfast safe house for spies.
  • “Solomon’s Settlement” – An obnoxious lawyer is sued by someone he arguably wronged, and he loses. The judgment is quite harsh including all of his possessions and wealth. But state law protects his residence up to 1 acre. His residence is a palatial estate sitting on 2 acres. So the plaintiffs get to move in with him sharing half of his mansion.

Jams (who sang it better?):

Finals are creeping up on us and summer break is just a few storms away. See you Friday!

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