Homework – Due Friday, June 25, 2021

The main assignment is to listen to/read this and read this (if you can). What would you do if you were trapped on an abandoned ship? Describe the best case scenario. Is there a pilot in here waiting to come out?

For extra credit answer the question: Are Kit Kats an illusion or have Kit Kats always been around?

Ideas For Fribrarians:

Awkward Story:

  • April met the naked neighbor . . . he’s nice.


  • Jukebox AI – these range from okay to kinda creepy good. No Pearl Jam, though. An interesting challenge would be if we could identify real from AI-rendered heavy metal. And the children’s music genre is just plain terrifying.
  • Simplicity by Macroform is my new theme music.
  • Do You by Spoon.

Our endless summer continues. See you Friday!

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