Homework – Due Friday, July 30, 2021

There has been tropical travel and a poolbrary since we last convened. We have a lot of catching up to do.

The main assignment is to come prepared to play America’s newest, most popular game: “Points for Takes”. From the makers of such hits as “Can This Couple Hide a Diamond?”, “Who Is The Real Father, and “How Many Licks Does It Take?” comes this game sweeping pop culture by storm.

We each start with 100 points to award during the Fribrary (before and during the pod). Bring your takes on whatever is on your mind, come loaded with questions to elicit takes, and be ready to instigate some hot takes. Rules:

  • Each person determines their own criteria.
  • Unawarded points at the end of the night are forfeited.
  • Points can only be awarded to people present and non Fribrarians are eligible.
  • Any points possessed can be given away (e.g., if Kevin is awarded 100 points from Conner right from the start, Kevin would then have 200 points to award).
  • If you are not present, you may wholly assign a proxy for your point distribution.

For extra credit see the Jams section below.

Ideas For Fribrarians:

  • What happens when you mix Disney, Arrested Development, and a bunch of WTF Let’s Do It money? This does (read the thread including the drone flyover). See this video too.
  • So, how long until we finally get to cook pandas?
  • Be sure to check out the latest IFF.

Jams: Can you identify a “Steve” jam? The following list of five jams contains two Steve rates as 4 stars, one he rates as 2 & 3/4 stars, and two he rates as 1 star. Can you figure out which is which rating? (Like all good people, I of course use the Star Search method of star rating).

Bonus Jams idea:

Summer Breeze in the Park
Rainbows Are Free

Lion’s Park
Sunday, August 8 @ 7:30pm

See you Friday!

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