Ideas For Fribrarians

September 3, 2018

Frank Abagnale (“Catch Me If You Can”) spoke at Google. The talk and the Q&A were excellent.

We should always remember that EVERY law is violent at its ultimate end. If you are not prepared to kill to enforce it, it should not be a law.

A four-step process for making difficult decisions.

Grumpy has three links to make you depressed about the current state of public policy.


July 24, 2018

I miss this guy.

The man who cracked horse racing and made $1 billion.

What Earth looked like through the ages with current day political boundaries drawn in.

I guarantee you that politician cannot guarantee jobs.

Our innate tendency of moving the goalposts means we can never not have bad things.

Perhaps the truth lies somewhere between the absolute truth and truth denial.


June 19, 2018

What level is your thinking at? And don’t tell me, “Ours go to eleven.”

Surfing the Internet is not dead; it has only changed form.

How did Anna con all of New York?

Forced rankings as problems

With apologies to disappointing Josh, the lack of one simple ingredient is making the probability of E.T. look very low.


May 22, 2018

Respect for Tex Mex

Did you hear what the hell happened in Havana?

Peeling back the layers of a city

Evolution via cities

And, an evolutionary mystery

How would we communicate to and impress the others in the Universe?

Bootleggers and Baptists in the puppy trade


April 21, 2018

Two from Seth: Be glad when they steal from you and get the default settings right.

A good reminder that we are biased toward a sensitivity to bad news.


April 10, 2018

Getting paid to be fired.

When the sheriff can get paid to take food from prisoners.

Quit being afraid.


April 3, 2018:

A new view on the moon.

This is how to pay college athletes. & The silliest economic claim ever.

Test your conspiracy theories.

Gun control reconsidered.

Puritanical millennials. 

Friston’s Free Energy and Predictive Depression.

Buying local: the impossibility.

A keyhole solution for harassment.

The KGB’s nuclear winter theory.