Ask You Anything

If you think for one second you can ask me anything, you’ve got another thing coming. Now, if I can get a word in edgewise or otherwise or not too wise at all, I would like to ask you a few leading questions. If I may, and I may indeed!

  1. What will be your biggest future regret?
  2. If you had to move at least 100 miles to live for at least 10 years, where would you go? You don’t get any adjustments to your life (standard of living or otherwise); you are just relocating at your own expense.
  3. Will any of us travel to outer space (defined as being beyond the Kármán line, 62 miles of altitude)? 
  4. Why and in what ways do you seek the approval of others?
  5. Would you rather be 10% smarter, 10% healthier, or 10% more athletic?
  6. What is the most limiting factor in your life?
    If you have one, what is your Sword of Damocles?
  7. What makes you special?
  8. What was your “closest call”?
  9. What do you find to be magical?
  10. What is the most overrated vacation experience? Why?
  11. How much more do you expect to learn from here on out?
  12. What is something I am doing very wrong? In execution or morality/ethics–you decide.
  13. If you could change or institute a social norm, what would it be?
  14. Do you laugh enough–have enough laughter in your life? If not, why not? Is it your fault?
  15. Which do you value more and why: surprise or meeting expectations?
  16. What is a problem you experience regularly that you have no idea how it could be solved?
  17. What is a personal setback that has changed you for the better?
  18. What is a controversial position you confidently hold that is important?
  19. Suppose I offer this: Pay $20,000 to instantly know any hobby or skill at a near professional level but remain incapable of profitably making it a career while being obsessively devoted to its pursuit…what if anything would you choose?
  20. At a concert what is the optimal mix of classics/hits to new stuff/obscure songs?