Homework due Saturday, May 13 2017

First, an update on our old friend, Crispr, here.  It’s both exciting and scary.

This week’s homework – SITCOM PILOT.  Come with a sitcom pilot seed prepared.  Our goal is to end the night with a pilot ready to go.

Additional homework – the Infinity Institute needs a logo.  If you can come up with something, bring it for the group to review.

Stories will include:

  • A Tinnitus Tale:  Fuck You, Becky.
  • Hot Biscuits:  2 for the Price of 2.
  • I made a friend.
  • Put the banana in your mouth.

One thought on “Homework due Saturday, May 13 2017

  1. I’ve cleared my calendar, and I am hitting the homework now.

    Looking forward to these stories. Mine will include “Free hooker cheese in Portland” and updates on Challenges Accepted. And I have many questions as well. Many important questions.

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