Fribrary Homework Due 28-July-2017

Fribrarians, this is your homework for the week:

Cryptocurrency – should we start mining?

Then on to some fun – light reading that showed up in our mailboxes last week.  By the looks of the shitty, shitty website, reaching heaven has something to do with GeoCities.

I don’t have any new jams, but I’ve been spending a LOT of time watching lectures and tutorials on youtube for classes.  I particularly liked this one on converting an equation from infix notation (which is easy on the eyes) to postfix aka Reverse Polish (which is how some programming languages process them) using a binary tree.

Also – I’ll be introducing a new game to try out – Fribrary:  The Card Game!

Late edition:  Heard this on the way to work and it made me happy, as neologisms always do.

One thought on “Fribrary Homework Due 28-July-2017

  1. Don’t worry about jams. You’re gonna get some jams come Friday night!

    Also, my stories will include:

    * Unbelievable levels of filth.
    * Assignment of IP Agreement.
    * Status of exercise for treats and drinks.
    * Winkler’s are taught from a young age the answer to this question is “Yes!”
    * AT&T fiber?
    * My workplace is Noah’s Ark.
    * How do you feel about the Thunder? What if Westbrook is traded?

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