Homework – Due Friday, February 16

This week your homework, if you choose to accept it:

  1. Come up with a product and a brief commercial/advertisement for the podcast to promote.
  2. Choose your ideal Fribrary podcast “celebrity” guest.  We’ll choose at least one and start trying to get them on.
  3. It’s the Winter Olympics – what sport are you most likely to win the gold in?  Hope you didn’t pick ice skating.
  4. Bring an idea for a pilot!

In the Winter Olympics spirit – red hot steel vs ice.

My jams:

My stories:

  • Alarm clock radio
  • The peepee log
  • Clue


One thought on “Homework – Due Friday, February 16

  1. First of all figure skating is not a sport. But I know who could pull off the quint jump spin: this guy… https://youtu.be/rDMMYT3vkTk

    My stories include:
    – Kevin needs this
    – back in the hole I go… Who is ringing the fucking doorbell??
    – so many ways to be creepy at the volleyball game
    – playing hardball with SiriusXM

    And here is the minutephysics video I mentioned Festivus podcast:

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