Homework – Due Friday, June 22, 2018

The main assignment is on the question of regulating Facebook, et al. Read this and then this to get you read for this. Is forced data portability a feature or a bug for the consumer? How does it affect Facebook? Do we need or want regulation in this space? As they say, show your work.

And for extra credit:

We discussed Scott Pruitt last Fribrary. The probability of (and perhaps need for) him to be shown the door is rising.

We discussed potential Star Wars tweeners a few episodes back. Here is a list of five suggested ones (notice we are with him on a couple of these).

This flood in Ellicott City was insane. Be sure to watch as the cars start arriving.

IFF has been updated, but Josh probably shouldn’t read the last latest link.

A challenge: if you think you’re so good at kindergarten stuff, prove you know your letters.

To keep us jamming through the summer (and make another attempt at Kevin-approved jams), here are my latest:

  1. Anything for love
  2. Oh, I would do anything for love
  3. But I won’t do that

Oh, and Eva completed her challenge. Results coming Friday. See you then!

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