Homework – Due Sunday, December 23, 2018 – FESTIVUS

It seems like just a year ago, but it is that time of year again already!

Let’s get into the Christmas spirit with a classic.

The main assignment will be hands on–an open-book test as it were–as we will once again attempt all the beers of The Library. No, not some of us trying some of them. No, not all of us trying any of them (their are minors and Kevins among us). But for an elite few of us, each will try all of them.

Perhapsh afterword we shall enjoy some gameshmenship.

My jams are all throwbacks one way or another:

  1. What it takes – Notice the cigarette at about 1:30, and did somebody beat the shit out of the guy the blonde and the waitress are in to?
  2. If this weren’t so damn good, I’d swear the video was a satire.
  3. I don’t remember this video.
  4. Listen to the extensive lyrics to see which describe you.

We shall air grievances, we shall compete in feats of strength, and for those who have been good this Fribraryear, we shall receive gifts of unimaginable greatness.

One thought on “Homework – Due Sunday, December 23, 2018 – FESTIVUS

  1. I will have a couple additional items:
    * Ding, ding, ding goes the trolley.
    * Conner’s question: “How long have we been doing Fribrary?”

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