Homework – Due Friday, February 15, 2019

It is the month of love, and what do we love more than a deep dive into Star Wars. The main assignment is to listen to Andrew Heaton’s podcast and come ready to discuss. BTW, it was two years ago almost to the day that we had our first Star Wars episode.

The world is getting better basically every second. For more information check out the latest IFF (the Marian Tupy interviews posted February 7, 2019).

I have two pilots that I need ideas on.

David finished HIMYM. Let’s get his views and then either completely endorse him for knighthood or condemn him as a heretic.

And now, we jam:

  1. If it is real to you, then it is real, baby.
  2. Time to split, time to fly. But is this a better version?
  3. I bet nobody else likes this. I love it. Best line: “… and though you came with sword held high, you did not conquer, only die…”

We’ve got catching up to do. See you Friday!

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