Homework – Due Friday, October 30, 2020

Updated 11/1/2020: Due to us angering the gods and drawing their ire in the form of ICE STORMPOCALYPSEGEDDON, we were forced to postpone the event to this week on Friday, November 6th. At least the election will be over? Well, maybe . . .

Some may say it is the Devil’s Night. Others will point out that it is the eve of All Hallows Eve. Irregardless, it is Halloweenbrary to us.

The main assignment is to come prepared for


Send me (and me alone) your answers to the questions below. On the pod we will have a caged trivia death match. We’ll do it sort of Newlywed Game style (I’ll give the answers and the team will have to identify which opponent answered that way). Creative is preferred to honest, but at a minimum be somewhat true.

  1. Who among us would make the best superhero?
  2. If you won $5,000, what would you do with it?
  3. What do you consider to be your first real job?
  4. What frightens you most?
  5. What is your least favorite foreign country?
  6. Where is the worst place to meet a potential love interest?
  7. What is something commonly believed about you that is false?
  8. What is the most significant animal (by intelligence, size, cuteness, popularity, or however you want to consider it) that you would quickly, painlessly kill for $1,000? The animal would otherwise live just as it had been for as long as it had been.
  9. Put these in order however you see fit: Hurts Donuts, Pearl Jam, the Sooners, “RAD“, Grandma’s Butter Juice


  • Who did we guess would get COVID first? Do we have a confirmed winner?

Odds and Ends:

  • Should this be Kevin’s new side hustle–getting paid $15-$20 to edit for 1.5 hours (time it takes for a 45-minute show)?
  • This proves my competition rule: If there is a competition, there is somebody freaky, La La good at it!
  • This identified me as being either from OKC, Tulsa, or Springfield, MO.
  • For some of us, this is porn.
  • Look at the latest IFF. There is a little something for everyone in there.


I don’t think LAW DOG will be there. Should be a great night. See you Friday!

UPDATE 11/8/2020 – Here is the full answer key to trivia night.

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