Homework – Due Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

It’s Freedombrary!  Come and celebrate on the eve of the best holiday of the year!

The main homework will be discussing Kevin’s jams, which you can find here.

For extra credit –  BEES!  They’re pretty important.  And we might lose them Scott Pruitt might help the extinction along.  Why not replace them with robots?

On the topic of flying insects – best ways to keep mosquitos away.

On the brighter side – PREBIOTIC MIX MIGHT POSSIBLY EXIST ON ENCELADUS!  I think this might be the one!  If not, I’m still holding out for Europa.

Plus some surprises!  Hopefully.  You never know – that’s the thing with surprises.

I’ve still got a jams because there just aren’t enough songs about the Swiss Guard these days.

Finally, another example where I’m sold solely by the title.


  • Gold medal
  • Bad pop
  • The whipped cream hill I will die on

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